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Eleven year old JCB started dancing before she could walk. JCB has been training since the age of 2 in all artistic styles of dance including jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip hop, tap, contemporary and acrobatics. JCB has trained with various internationally recognized schools such as The University of North Carolina School of the Arts Preparatory Dance Program ,Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive and several local studios. She has trained with some of the best and most diverse dance instructors near and far.This summer JCB has been blessed with the opportunity to train at The Rock School Of Dance. JCB is currently a NBA dancer for the Charlotte Hornet Little Stingers. She has also performed at local events as well as national dance competitions and conventions, where she has been recognized with scholarships and granted special performance opportunities. With the support of her dance instructors, she recently started choreographing and teaching her own dances (she loves giving back to her community), her choreography is captivating and fun and has won first place at several dance competitions. JCB offers motivation speaking to kids her age and older, empowering kids to believe in themselves and to start their dreams NOW. JCB just recently published her first book, "The JCB Dreams Start Now Fun Journal". Beyond the studio and stage, JCB still manages to earn and maintain Straight A’s. She believes in working hard because nothing worth having comes easy. We Know you will enjoy dancing with Miss JCB!